A Walk Up Law Hill In Dundee

A Walk Up Law Hill In Dundee

Scotland is home to many beautiful walking routes and trails, and Law Hill in Dundee is one of the most popular. Just 20 miles from Glenshieling House & Lodge, The Law is easy to reach during a visit to Blairgowrie. This hill offers incredible history and geology that can be discovered during a walk in the area. Its peak sits at 572 feet and is the highest point in the city of Dundee. The Law is the most distinctive landmark in the city, making it a popular attraction for both locals and tourists.

Visiting Law Hill On Foot
The peak of Law Hill can easily be reached on foot, by car or by bus. Walking the route is often one of the nicest ways to experience the area and soak in the rich heritage. The route to the top of The Law and back is roughly 3.5 miles and takes about an hour and a half starting from Kings Cross Hospital on Clepington Road. When you reach the top of The Law, there is a war memorial which honours those fallen in the World Wars. On significant days, this memorial is illuminated, making for a beautiful and poignant sight.

The History Of Law Hill In Dundee
The Law has a rich history as it has been central to Dundeeā€™s defences for many years. During the Iron Age, it was used as a hillfort, and prehistoric graves dating back to around 1500 BC have been discovered around the area. Various items of Roman pottery which date back to the 1st Century AD have been found nearby, with the most notable items now on display in the McManus Galleries.

During the 1820s, a 300-metre tunnel through the Eastern flank was used by the Dundee to Newtyle railway. This was originally horse drawn, up until 1833 when the first locomotive was introduced. The hill itself is an extinct volcano that is expected to be roughly 400 million years old. The volcano was once active in Scotland and has been extinct for 395 million years.

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