Glencadam Distillery

Glencadam Distillery

Located in the Brechin, Glencadam Distillery is Angus County’s only distillery. It’s also one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, and one of the last remaining ones in the Eastern Highlands. Founded in 1825, it produces a range of single malt whiskies, including rare single casks.

In its history, there's been more than one change of owner, with the latest – Angus Dundee – taking over the distillery in 2003. Since then, the focus has been on quality rather than quantity. They use artisan distilling techniques and take a traditional approach to bring the world some fantastic tasting whiskies.

Making Glencadam Whisky
Spring water from The Moorans (which is just eight miles away) helps make Glencadam Whisky. Water from the Barry Burn then cools it. Combined with yeast and barley, the spring water is then left for at least three years in oak casks. (Legally, it must age for a minimum of three years to be called whisky).

Glencadam Distillery are traditionalists. They still grind their barley in their original Victorian mill, for example, and they have used just two pot stills since 1825. However, unlike other distilleries, Glencadam doesn’t use peat-dried barley, which tends to add a smoky flavour to a whisky. As a result, their whisky is creamier and more complex.

What Does Glencadam Whisky Taste Like?
While those creamy notes run through all the Glencadam whiskies, there are differences too depending on how old the whisky is. Their 15-year-old whisky, for example, is malty, grainy and fruity. Their 32-year-old whisky, however, is oakier, with woody notes and a hint of cassis.

Also, worth mentioning about Glencadam whisky is the look. Unlike other whiskies, caramel colouring isn't used in Glencadam's whisky. They also don’t chill filter their whiskies. This can leave the whisky looking a little cloudy. However, chill filtering can also affect the taste, which is why Glencadam doesn’t do it.

Visiting the Glencadam Distillery
While an easy drive from Glenshieling House, unfortunately, Glencadam Distillery doesn’t have regular opening hours. Visitors can arrange an appointment-only tour, however, by contacting the Distillery Manager directly on or call on +44(0)1356 622217.

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