Persie Distillery

Persie Distillery

No visit to Scotland is really complete without a visit to a distillery. But, why not make your visit a little different? Instead of doing a whisky distillery, why not try a gin one instead? Or for the best of both worlds, do both!

Persie Distillery is only seven miles away or a quick 10-minute drive from Glenshieling House. The distillery and its aromatic gins are the product of Simon Fairclough and hunt for the best gins in Scotland. Simon scoured the highlands and the lowlands looking for the best gin that Scotland has to offer. He packed his car with more than 150 different gins and hit the road. As a result of his extensive research, he identified which gins were the most loved.

The results of his quest led him to develop the Persie Gin. The distillery makes three different aromatic gins al distilled in the former Persie Hotel at the base of Glenshee. There is a fruit citrus gin; A herb-infused savoury gin; and an almond and vanilla flavoured sweet gin.

Gin for dogs?
If you are a dog lover then you may want to try the distillery’s special ‘dog’ gins. These gins are made as part of a campaign with a local dog charity. The gins have been crafted to reflect the personality of different breeds. For each one of these sold a donation is made to the charity.

The gin is made in small batches in bespoke copper stills. The gins are, of course, made with the local water from the surrounding hills.

The distillery is open to visitors between midday and 6 pm, Saturdays through to Thursdays. If you are interested in touring the stills, then you can book a tour along with a tasting at the bargain price of £15 per head. The tour lasts around 90 minutes and will give you a chance to hear the full story and history of the distillery. You will need to book if you are interested in the tour, as they don’t run every day.

The distillery offers a pickup service which is a great touch. This means there is no need to argue over who will be the designated driver. And as an added bonus the distillery is dog-friendly, they can even join you in the tasting room – although it is best they stick to water!

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