The Cateran Eco Museum

The Cateran Eco Museum

When you think of a museum, you probably think of a large building filled with exhibits. The Cateran Eco Museum turns this concept on its head. The Eco Museum is a stretch of land that divides the highlands from the lowlands. The area is filled with historical sites including Pictish stones, Victorian mills and ancient animal droving routes.

You can explore the area by foot, bike or car. There are pre-planned routes that you can take in whichever mode of transport you choose.

There are nine different routes to choose from. Each route takes you on a tour of numerous points of interest. You can download the map and information from the Eco Museum website.

For example, the ‘spin along the Ericht’ route is a 1.5 to two-hour walk. As you follow the trail, you will learn the story of eleven old mills. You will discover how the industrial revolution changed the way they worked and how that shaped the lives of the locals. The start of the walk is in the centre of Blairgowrie, just a 5-minute drive from Glenshieling House.

If you are looking for a walk that will submerge you in the natural wonder of the area, why not try the ‘Den ‘o’ Alyth’ Walk? This walk also takes between 1.5 and two hours. However, this walk takes you through the wooded glen of Alyth. There is a lot of natural wildlife to be spotted here, including red squirrels and deer. The walk starts from the centre of Alyth, a short 15-minute drive from Glenshieling House.

There are five different areas to explore on your bike. Each with their own points of interest and historical stories to tell.

For example, there is the ‘Glenshee: The Glen of the Fairies’ route. The Glen has been an area of importance to the locals for millennia, and there are many folk tales about the area. As you ride through the historic glen, you take in the stunning views as you travel between the Pictish Stones found along the way.

Currently, there are two driving routes that will give you a feel for what the whole area has to offer. There is the ‘backroads and byways to Glenisla’, and the ‘snow roads scenic route’. As the area is so large, the only way to really get a feel for this divergent spot is to drive it.

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